Monday, 12 October 2009

I was lucky enough to attend the shows at Red Bull Fashion Factory, of all the graduates only one designer stood out to me, that was Jamie Cockerill, this video shows some of the show.

Felder Felder took stage in the evening with a celebrity packed front row. Their collection wasn't moving trends forward but more appropriate in the present. Comprising of structured denim and leather with embellished, studded and shredded details. I want all of this collection.

Fashion Fringe Finalist Elliot Atkinson's collection was beautiful with powered pink prints, oversized lambskin pilot coats and sheer black mesh. Can't wait for future pieces. (
Nazanin Yousseff. I love the sheer draping in conrast to the sharp collar and bold shoulders. Graduating from Instituto Maragoni in 2008, it's a year on and we want her back in the spotlight please. (image- wallpaper graduate directory)
Clogs!No longer for the dutch maidens. Be careful you do as Herve Leger (Above) and NOT Chanel (Below).

Chanel had models rolling in hay?!
I can't help but ponder the inspiration for LV's new shoes...
Topshop has already made a fortune of this design. To make it look more expensive than £38 ( accessorise with Champers from the bottle, pearls and antique rings galore.

McQueen S/S 10. Exciting, innovative but overall grotesque. Although I do like the shattered crystals, if you feel the need for crystals at least make sure they are jagged and angry. These would look beaut with some flowers in...

Whilst in a gallery in Venice I stumbled over some feathery least they were free range.

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